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Individual Mentoring Sessions

This "out-of-the-box" educational concept aims to develop your learning, proactivity, and skills—premium individual instruction for students or professionals in anthrozoology, animal behavior, learning, and communication.

Online Sessions in Anthrozoology & Animal Behavior

Personalised advising, guidance, online resources, study and research in anthrozoology, and animal behavior & modification for animal trainers, veterinarians, families with companion animals, and all the interested in the area.

Research & Collaborative services

Consulting, researching, instruction, and other collaborative services and synergies for academic institutions, publishers, NGOs, and other companies in the field.

Latest Blog Articles (EN/PT)

Is it a Behavior Problem?

Is it a Behavior Problem? Feature photo: The author during a home session. For illustrative purposes only. Photo by Tilde Detz-Jensen (etologi.dk). We often read about

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