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Mentoring Classes

An “out-of-the-box” educational concept adapted to develop your knowledge, proactivity, and skills. Premium individual instruction for students or professionals in anthrozoology, animal behavior, learning, and communication. Available in English and Portuguese. LIMITED SPOTS! 

Behavior Modification

In-person and online guidance, consultation, courses, or other personalized services to families with dogs, cats or horses. Available in English, Portuguese and Danish.*

*Danish language is limited to the services in collaboration with etologi.dk.

Collaborative agreements

Scientific consulting, advising and guidance, research, critical studies analysis, instruction, Personalized courses, seminars, workshops, talks, lectures, events, and other personalized services and collaborative agreements for professionals, companies, NGOs, academic institutions, and governmental organizations.

The Human-Animal Science

The “Human-Animal Science” is registered in Denmark and results from two decades of study, research, and on-field experience. This project became necessary to bring scientific clarity and critical thinking to the flooding of misinterpreted and ideological information in the animal field. We are open to all the individuals or entities that want to contribute through a solid synergy or other agreement. Please, check below our mission, fields of expertise, and values. Feel free to visit all the content and contact me. 

Roberto Barata

Human-Animal Science institutor


To provide educational and updated material with sound scientific facts and different perspectives and approaches to a specific subject through courses, multimedia, and other publications.

To provide valuable practical models and techniques resulting from the authors’ empirical knowledge and practical experience through events, seminars, courses, and other material adapted to the audiences.

To provide online or presential student guidance and other advising services to all the professionals in the animal field and subfields, including agreements with several institutions.

Fields of expertise



Animal Science

Animal Behavior Modification

Animal Studies & Research

Animal Ethics & Welfare



Pedagogical content with a high scientific standard, the result of many years of studies and continuous research, transmits actual knowledge to society.

Respect and Ethics

We promote a constructive and respectful debate as a way of learning, reflecting, and developing regardless of individuals’ social, cultural, religious, or moral standing.


We maintain our academic integrity independent of sponsorships or any financing/outside interests. We exist solely with the revenue for our services.

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